Emily's Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist Fund: 

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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Because of your donations the goal of $14,000 is getting closer by the day! If you'd like to support me or know someone who would please click the link above. Donations of $50 or above receive a full Ayurvedic consult once I graduate. We are learning as a community! 


San Diego Yoga Classes


10:30am, Ginseng Yoga - Yin Yoga, Crystal singing bowl

7:30pm, Nature's Whisper - Yin Yoga, crystal singing bowl


2pm, Pilgrimage of the Heart - Flowing Yoga 1      


 12pm, Fitness West - Gentle Yoga

4pm, Pilgrimage of the Heart (NP)- Gentle Yoga

5:30pm, Pilgrimage of the Heart (NP)- Yoga 1


Private Yoga Sessions

Private sessions are available for yoga at your home. These include a one on-one-session individualized for your specific wants, needs, and injuries and include meditation and breathing exercises along with movement (asana). 

 Sessions are 60 mins in the San Diego & La Jolla areas.

Session cost:

Individual or group session at your home $60. 

Packages: 6 once/week sessions= $420 at your home. Packages are great for returning from an injury, surgery, pregnancy, stress reduction, addiction recovery, or if you want more one on one time & attention. 


Please email to set up an appointment.